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DJ Waddell

DJ Waddell

DJ Waddell is a licensed business broker, specializing in small to mid-size business acquisitions and sales.

He has spent the bulk of his professional career helping small businesses grow. For example, while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Florida Gulf Coast University, DJ helped a specialty luxury auto dealership grow from a 1,300 sq/ft facility to a 15,000+ sq/ft facility, more than tripling inventory and sales, while keeping overhead nearly unchanged. After graduating from college, he focused on building and growing a boutique real estate investment firm and developing various real estate technologies.

DJ has a strong attention to detail that translates into making sure that confidentiality is kept at the forefront of everything he does, as he moves through the sales process. After working for years in tough sales environments, his negotiation skills are highly developed, and he will work hard to get his buyers and sellers the best deal possible for their unique situation. DJ has a passion for small businesses, and he will put that to work for you!

In his spare time, DJ enjoys working on and driving his cars enthusiastically, exploring new places with his girlfriend Abbe and his dog Shelby. He especially enjoys trying new restaurants, particularly “Mom and Pop” type establishments.

Mergers and Acquisitions certification

DJ is a Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional, which makes him a qualified expert in brokering the sale of multi-million-dollar businesses and larger companies.

The certification provides the necessary business and analytical tools to manage the large and complex transactions which are common in the world of big business - and if you're looking for just that kind of professional, give DJ a call today!