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E-Commerce / FBA Business

E-Commerce / FBA Business

Business Info

Listing #: 71440

Asking Price: $395,000

Owner Benefit: $82,497

Started two years ago by an experienced Internet marketing veteran, this E-commerce business can be operated anywhere in the U.S. It sells 3 products in a specialized auto service industry and is about to add another product which will increase sales substantially.  The customers are specialty auto service providers and they re-order on a regular basis.  

As an FBA business (Fulfilled By Amazon), all aspects of manufacturing, wholesale and distribution is outsourced and digitized.  A wholesale distributorship is in place with the manufacturer.  The company website links directly to Amazon for order placement.  Seller will provide complete (and very valuable) assistance and E-commerce training to the new owner.  

There is very little for the owner of this business to do.  Amazon notifies when more inventory is needed in their warehouse and the owner places an order with the manufacturer and it is shipped to Amazon's warehouse.  All fulfillment is handled by Amazon.  The firm is experimenting with Walmart.com at this time and that may provide a significant opportunity for growth.

There is no physical location or other overhead nor are there any employees; only the cost of the inventory.  This the type of E-commerce business that everyone is looking for!

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