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Get to Know the Green & Co. Team: Jeffrey Fairchild

Get to Know the Green & Co. Team: Jeffrey Fairchild

Jeff’s Role at Green & Co.

Jeff is a business broker, licensed in the State of Florida, specializing in small to medium-sized business sales. He assists business owners who wish to sell their current business and buyers who are looking to purchase an existing business. Jeff helps business buyers and sellers primarily in the Central Florida area, covering Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Polk, and Lake counties. However, he is happy to speak with business owners in any part of Florida who are thinking of selling their business. With over 19 years of experience successfully running and growing businesses, Jeff understands the intricacies of business ownership and business sales.

About Jeff

Jeff has been in the real estate and business sector since 2002, helping many people grow their dreams of property ownership and entrepreneurship. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Mexico and also went on to achieve his MBA.

We all know the business world around us is always in constant flux and is always moving. It takes great vision to not only see these changes, but more importantly to be able to anticipate and react with the right approach to sustain success. There are few business leaders that possess the innate skills to maneuver the modern-day challenges in today’s business world. Jeff is one of these individuals that always comes prepared, does not disappoint, and navigates these challenges with ease and finesse.


Ask Jeff

What is your favorite thing about being a business broker? 

“My favorite thing about being a Business Broker is that day in and day out I get to work in a profession that helps in making dreams come true for both buyers and sellers alike.”

What is your favorite motivational quote and why?

“My favorite motivational quote is:
‘The road to success is always under construction.’ - Lily Tomlin

The reason why this quote speaks to me is that the general message is one of motivation. It reminds me that in order to become, or continue to become more successful, one always needs to continue to develop and improve."