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Get to Know the Green & Co. Team: Oliver St John

Get to Know the Green & Co. Team: Oliver St John

Oliver’s Role at Green & Co.

As the Marketing director and Webmaster at Green & Co. Business Brokers, it is Oliver's job to make sure that the business you want to sell will look as good to a buyer as it does to you. You have put an enormous amount of time and effort and love into growing your business, and we believe that it deserves our best efforts as well.

This includes creating the Confidential Business Review documents which will be presented to prospective buyers, the videos which go along with our business listings, and the web and social media content related to each listing on our books - as well as the maintenance of the company's website.

Oliver strives to advertise your business with the same level of love and care as you would yourself.

About Oliver

From the cold of upstate New York and northern Scotland to the sun and sands of Italy and Southwest Florida, Oliver has walked a dozen paths to get here. Hailing originally from England, Oliver brings with him a blend of two lifelong passions – music and technology – which naturally blended in the world of digital media just as the World Wide Web began to truly explode into life.

When not delivering high quality digital experiences to our clients, Oliver can often be found on a nearby stage with guitar in hand, or being completely schooled by his son at PlayStation games. 

Ask Oliver

What is your favorite part of your job?

Creating the marketing materials for the businesses we sell is a fantastic experience; the wide variety of Florida businesses allows me to learn about new industries every week, as well as giving me infinite opportunities to be creative.

What is your favorite motivational quote and why?

Movie director James Cameron once said, "if you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will still fail above everyone else's success." I would rather aim high and just miss than spend my whole life inside my comfort zone.