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Sergy Morales

Sergy Morales graduated with a degree in Psychology from Rafael Urdaneta University in Venezuela. He went on to build an impressive career as a consultant with over 20 years of experience, holding leadership positions in various companies.


His leadership and management abilities allowed him to establish and develop various successful businesses in his home country of Venezuela, where he skillfully led and supervised a team of over 150 employees. These ventures thrived, making a positive impact in their respective industries. 


Sergy's expertise extends to organizational consulting and coaching, with training from Hubbard College and the International Association of Coaching. Additionally, he pursued courses in management, supervision, leadership, marketing, sales, and advanced management tools at the University of Zulia's Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. As an accomplished author, his book on sales quickly became a bestseller on Amazon, and he developed effective training programs for non-professional sellers based on his sales method.


Notably, Sergy also serves as the National Executive Director of EMA, an association dedicated to empowering Latino entrepreneurs, and he proudly represents the state of Florida for AIV (International Sales Association, by its acronym in Spanish), showcasing his dedication to elevating the sales profession.


In 2021, Sergy and his family relocated to the beautiful Clearwater area in Tampa Bay, a place they have grown to love. Since then, he has actively engaged with local entrepreneurs, assisting them in organizing and expanding their businesses.


Beyond his achievements, Sergy's commitment to supporting entrepreneurs led him to become a licensed real estate sales agent, which lead to his career as a Business Broker. His goal is to ensure that entrepreneurs can buy or sell businesses in Florida securely and efficiently, further enhancing the business landscape.