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Buy An Existing Business

Buy An Existing Business

You’ve decided that you want to be an entrepreneur and you’re looking for a small business for sale. Maybe you love the idea of being your own boss and growing a successful business, but don’t want to start from scratch with a brand-new business idea. Some business owners are lucky enough to stumble across a million-dollar idea and start a successful business. However, buying an existing business is a great way to avoid all of the initial investment, elbow grease, and testing the market that comes with a start-up. If you buy a business that’s been around for a while, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel—there’ll already be at least some structure in place, not to mention a track record of financial owner benefit, that you will be able to count on, as long as you keep running the business in the same manner or better than the owner that you purchase the business from. 

Why Hire A Business Broker?

If this is the entrepreneurial path for you, you’ll need some helping finding and buying a small business for sale. Working with a business broker in Florida is your very best bet for not only finding a great business to buy, but for helping you get a great deal, and actually get to the closing table. 

Work With A Broker Who Enjoy's Working With Buyers

We won’t sugar coat it for you…most business brokers in our industry prefer to work with sellers. They like to list businesses for sale, wait for a buyer to come along, and then lather rinse repeat. We’ve been told by many different buyers that we’ve worked with in the past, that other listing brokers wouldn’t even return their phone call when they had expressed interest in the business they had listed for sale. Unfortunately, this is something we commonly hear, and at Green & Co. Business Brokers, we LOVE buyers. In fact, we have brokers on our team who prefer to with buyers. 

Using A Broker Costs Nothing

The most important thing for a buyer to be aware of is that you pay ZERO commission when purchasing a business with our help. The seller pays the commission for the entire deal, and if we are working with you as the buyer, then the listing broker shares the commission with us, and that’s how we get paid. You pay us nothing for all of our services, but keep in mind that we do all of our work for free, until you purchase a business. 

Find A Great Business

Not sure where to start looking for the right business? A business broker can help you figure out what you’re interested in. If you don’t even know where to start when it comes to buying a business, a broker can help you move in the right direction. A good broker will help you pinpoint your skills and interests and then connect you with businesses that might be a good fit. A business broker might even introduce you to an industry that you might not have thought to pursue.

Let Us Negotiate and Be A Buffer

Having a good business broker on your side is important, because they will help you negotiate the best deal possible for the business you are interested in. Once you find a small business available for sale that’s the perfect fit for you, you’ll enter a complicated negotiation process. A business broker can tell you what you need to consider and what you should be asking for in the negotiation. Furthermore, much of the process to close and the familiarization after the closing will require the buyer and seller to have a good working relationship and to collaborate closely together, so having a broker as a buffer between the parties during negotiations is essential. 

Your Best Interests In Mind

A business broker is a great way to find an established business for sale, but you should make sure you’re working with a good one. Some buyers tell us that they want to work directly with the listing broker, because they know more about the business that’s for sale. While that might be true, at the end of the day, we are simply intermediaries, and all of the answers to questions you have about the business should be coming from the seller, and not from the listing broker. Furthermore, while we are transaction agents and don’t have a fiduciary relationship with either party, the listing broker does have an existing relationship with the seller, and it is their goal to get the seller as much as possible for their business. Try to work with a broker who understands and represents your interests, not just the seller’s.  

Other Broker Benefits

Working with a business broker also has other great benefits, including, but not limited to preparing all of the legal contracts for the purchase of the business and real estate (if it’s included with the sale), helping coordinate the due diligence process, referring you to great small business lenders, licensing and permitting specialists, and closing agents who have a proven track record of great customer service, efficiency, and knowledge of business acquisition transactions. 

If you are looking to become your own boss and buy a business, we would love to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Contact us today, to be put in touch with one of our brokers who loves buyers.