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Meet Our Furry Friends: The Dogs (and Cats) of Green & Co.

Meet Our Furry Friends: The Dogs (and Cats) of Green & Co.

Here at Green & Co. we love our furry friends, so we thought that the world might enjoy meeting them too. We sat down with all of them for a quick interview, so that you can get to know these cuties a little better. Here is what we found out about the dogs (and cats) of Green & Co. 

DJ the Pit Bull

Meet Shelby

My Human: DJ

Breed: Pit Bull

Age: 4 years old

Favorite Treat: Bacon

Doggie Hobbies: I love to go swimming in the pool and go for walks on the beach.

Fun Facts: I can swim all day if you let me and will always be found with a ball in my mouth. I will lay on the couch and stare at the pool until my human lets me go in it. 


Meet Frodo the Pit Mix

Meet Frodo

My Human: Zach

Breed: Pit Mix

Age: 3 years old

Favorite Treat: Beef Rib Bones for Dogs

Doggie Hobbies: I like exploring new areas and playing fetch.

Fun Fact: My internal clock can keep better time than my human’s alarm clock.


Meet Earl the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Meet Earl

My Human: Logan

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Age: 6 years old

Favorite Treat: Carrots

Doggie Hobbies: I love to cuddle, am full of energy, and a master lizard hunter. I need to go on journeys and adventures to keep me happy!

Fun Facts: I am a faithful friend, a devoted companion, capable of great endurance. I am a ‘WTF’ dog - ‘Where's The Food?’ and I live for my human - Logan. I am told I continue to impress my human with how perceptive, highly intelligent, loyal, and understanding I am.


Meet Berkley the Coton Schnauzer

Meet Berkley

My Human: Tammy

Breed: Coton Schnauzer

Age: 12 years old

Favorite Treat: Rice Cakes

Doggie Hobbies: Shopping at Home Depot, Costco, and Total Wine. I enjoy greeting neighbors on my walks too.

Fun Fact: I am now registered as a USA service dog!



Meet Charlie

My Humans: Elise and Richard

Breed: Biewer Terrier

Age: 4 years old

Favorite Treat: Ice Cubes

Doggie Hobbies: Playing with toys, barking at the delivery drivers who come to my door, lots of naps, and going on adventures with my humans. 

Fun Facts: I have a boy name, but I am a girl! Also, I hop like a bunny rabbit when I chase my toys.


Meet Mia the Chocolate Point Siamese

Meet Mia

My Human: Jan

Breed: Chocolate Point Siamese

Age: 7 years old

Favorite Treat: Grilled Mahi Mahi 

Kitty Hobbies: I love to go for walks in my stroller, play catch, and bask in the sun.

Fun Facts: I wake up my humans each morning with the sun and put them to bed at 10pm. I do not take no for an answer, and I like to talk a lot too!


Meet Dixie the Abyssinian (Blue)

Meet Dixie

My Humans: Elise and Richard

Breed: Abyssinian (Blue)

Age: 16 years old

Favorite Treat: Temptations Cat Treats

Kitty Hobbies: Pretending I’m a dog, hanging out with my mom, and ringing the bell to go outside just so I can come right back in again. 

Fun Fact: My sisters and I came to live in Florida from California. We flew on a plane and everything!


Meet Lily the Abyssinian (Fawn)

Meet Lily

My Humans: Elise and Richard

Breed: Abyssinian (Fawn)

Age: 15 years old

Favorite Treat: Fish…I am a pescatarian.  

Kitty Hobbies: Being a princess and a daddy’s girl, hanging out with my dad, and laying all day in the sun outside. 

Fun Facts: I am a skilled lizard hunter…I always catch my prey. Also, the vet says that I'm the sweetest cat they've ever met...I bet the lizards don't share that opinion.


Meet Scarlet the Abyssinian (Red)

Meet Scarlett

My Humans: Elise and Richard

Breed: Abyssinian (Red)

Age: 11 years old

Favorite Treat: Popcorn (yep…you read that right…I’m crazy for it)

Kitty Hobbies: Cuddling with my sister Lily, playing with shadows on the wall, and sleeping in the Florida sun. 

Fun Fact: My sisters and I all have the same mommy cat and daddy cat, but we are all from different litters.