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Become A Business Broker With Green & Co.

Become A Business Broker With Green & Co.

Business Brokers have exciting careers. We specialize in selling businesses, slightly similar to the way a Real Estate Agent sells a house. Helping sellers confidentially market and sell their businesses to qualified buyers is our area of expertise. If the world of business interests you, you should consider becoming a Business Broker. A background working with small businesses and business financials will give you a great foundation to build from, so it’s good experience to have under your belt. Don’t have any experience actually selling businesses? That’s OK, because we fully train all of our new Brokers, offer ongoing training and mentoring, and most importantly, at Green & Co. we all work together as a team to give the very best service to all of our buyers and sellers. All you need is your Real Estate License, and we will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. 

Unlimited Earning Potential

A Business Broker works solely on commission, and that means that you can earn as much money as you want to earn. It is definitely possible for a new Broker to make a great income, even though your first year is really spent filling your pipeline full of leads and getting your sales momentum going. New Brokers at Green & Co. are closing their first business deal within the first 6-9 months, on average. Once you finish your first year, have a steady stream of leads coming in, and have several businesses under contract, that’s when you will really see your career take off, because all of the fruits of your labor over your first 12 months are starting to show. It's your job to then keep that momentum going, so that your business stays steady. The opportunities to grow your income are endless, and if you put in the hard work, we will do everything we can to help you reap the rewards. When you win, we all win.


Most Business Brokers work on their own, and they have to split their focus between marketing and advertising, listing businesses for sale, finding buyers, getting a deal negotiated, and once under contract, they need to be able to monitor and assist with all of the details during the contract to close process. All of these activities are very time-consuming. You know the old adage, jack of all trades, master of none? That’s our experience with the average Business Broker out there; they are spread too thin among all aspects of the job. That’s why at Green & Co. we operate as a true team, with specialists handling select responsibilities listed above. We are the only Business Brokerage, that we are aware of, who is truly using a team model. We feel that training our Brokers makes for not only the most successful Brokers, but it also gives the highest level of service to our clients, who deserve the very best. We have people, systems, and processes in place so that everyone on our team can focus on exactly what they need to do: sell businesses and serve our clients. 

Best Support and Training in the Industry

We want all of our team members to be successful. In order to help our new Brokers thrive, we believe that our training program is essential. Because everyone on our team is a specialist, we teach you everything you need to know to get started and to begin earning as soon as possible. Our training program is based on years of proven successful sales and client-management practices. A requirement for all of our Brokers is to have their Real Estate License (this is a legal requirement). So, that's the first step. Our Green & Co. Business Broker training program consists of Initial Training (about 25 hours) which is done via online video training. It is everything a new broker needs to know to get started, and after it's over, you will be prepared to hit the ground running. Our new brokers then begin our "90 Day Day Broker Success" Training. It consists of one live training via zoom per week, as well as more online video training, to fill in all of the rest of the training. It follows the path that a new broker should be on as they progress through their first 90 days as a business broker. We offer continued mentoring and productivity coaching to all of our team members, ensuring that they are as successful as possible in their careers. We also operate quite differently from any other Business Brokerage, and you will learn how we are able to outshine our competition, while going above and beyond for our clients.

Required Qualifications

  • Hold a Real Estate Sales Associate or Broker’s License (Required by Law)
  • Sales experience and desire to learn new sales techniques
  • Interest/background in the world of small business and entrepreneurship
  • Experience making phone calls to potential leads and converting them
  • Highly motivated, self-starter, driven to achieve
  • Enjoys helping people, customer-oriented
  • Desires to work in a team environment, full-time, in an office setting

Next Steps...

If you are interested in learning more about what we do or who we are, please feel free to give us a call, drop us an email, and make an appointment to meet with us.